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NS Stock codes about to go on the floor is always a common concern of all investors, it brings more expectations of future breakthroughs than stocks listed for a long time. But whether people have enough knowledge and experience to choose a potential stock code that is about to be listed on the floor or not. So right below, with, learn about these stocks right away.

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Potential of stocks that are about to be listed on the floor

Stocks that are about to be listed are shares of companies/enterprises that are about to be listed on stock exchanges such as HNX, Hose or Upcom. These stocks are completely new to the market and are meeting the requirements for listing on the stock exchange in the near future.

Specifically, they have submitted listing documents to the appropriate Stock Exchange, just waiting for the approval results to be officially listed.

Advantages of upcoming stocks:

Stocks about to go public with low price: With a low price, when buying, you will get a large quantity, suitable for the finances of many investors.Future profit potential: And of course, when you buy at a low price, in the future there will be a much higher price than now, selling will make a big profit.Strong growth rate: With stocks that are about to be listed on the floor, once they are listed, they will receive a lot of attention, price competition and great buying demand, and especially these codes have great potential and the company’s performance is very good.

So with those expectations, many people rushed to buy stocks that were about to go on the floor to speculate first. However, it is also impossible to avoid great risks from investing in these risky securities.

With great expectations from the stock about to go on the floor, many investors buy it despite ignoring the risks. Accompanying that is the cake that the business creates with great potential, sometimes there is a potential big problem related to the business. So when investing in this will be potential for professional investors, have a good stock valuation, but for newbies, it’s probably just bad luck.

Stocks that are about to be listed on the floor

VCA . shares

VICASA Steel Joint Stock Company – VNSTEEL will list shares on HOSE with stock code VCA. This information is provided by the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange.

Khai Hoan Land shares – KH


What potential stocks should I buy that are about to be listed on the stock exchange?

This is a potential stock code that is predicted in the future because the company has ongoing projects as well as the brokerage market share is expanding quite large. According to many experts, the stock price of Khai Hoan land- KHG will fall to 25,000 VND/share.

Shares of Vietnam Salt Company

With positive business results, revenue in 2020 reaching VND 199 billion, an increase of 30.5% compared to 2019, Vietnam Salt Company has had a quite successful IPO. Mark for the company’s upcoming process of going to the stock exchange for trading.

Shares of South Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank

Nam A Commercial Joint Stock Bank is currently listed on Upcom and this bank is submitting an application for listing on Hose. This is a step that proves that the bank’s current operation is quite good and the financial growth is growing because it must have a basis for the bank to boldly submit a dossier on the Hose floor.

After 2 months of listing on Upcom, Nam A Bank filed for listing on HoSE, compared with other banks on the same floor, NAB is ranked second in terms of market capitalization with VND 6,482 billion. Thus, it can be seen that this is one of the brightest stocks.

Shares of Quy Nhon port company

Shares of Quy Nhon Port are currently being offered for sale on the OTC floor with the stock code QNP. This is one of the stocks that are quite sought after on the OTC floor with a fairly high price.


Stocks are about to go on the floor, so you should invest

Not only stopping the offering on the OTC floor, but HOSE announced that it had received the registration application for listing of Quy Nhon Port Joint Stock Company (Code: QNP) on November 19. The number of shares registered for listing is 40.4 million units, equivalent to a total value of 404.1 billion dong.

The company’s business activities are very good, total assets have increased continuously since 2017 while liabilities are very low, not to mention that in the future, the port and shipping industry will still have a lot of potential for development. .

Shares of Saigon – Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank

With Saigon – Hanoi Bank abbreviated as SHB, it is currently listed on the HNX with the code SHB, but in order to improve its brand and value, the bank has uploaded listing documents. HOSE and has accepted the application.

Shares of Cho Lon real estate company

Cho Lon Real Estate Joint Stock Company was actually listed on HNX in 2007 with stock code RCL. Operating time on HNX, although it is also a big ticker, it made many breakthroughs.

City Stock Exchange. Ho Chi Minh City (HOSE) has received the listing registration application of Cho Lon Real Estate Joint Stock Company (LC RESCO), with a charter capital of more than 125 billion dong in August 2020. And according to business results, the company’s revenue in 2020 is quite large, the first growth.

Stocks for Construction JSC SCG

With 50 million shares with stock ticker SCG was officially launched on UPCoM with a price increase to the ceiling right in the morning session (VND28,800/share) today on Upcom, this is a stock with a high start and in the future There will be strong growth in the future.

Towards the HNX in a short time after being listed on Upcom is what the construction company SCG is. And in the near future, it is hoped that this stock code will continue to be listed on Upcom.

Shares of Vietourist travel company

According to research information, Vietourist tourism joint stock company is also a good candidate for a stock that is about to be listed on the HNX. Currently, this company’s shares are listed on Upcom with the stock code VTD. Previously, the company submitted the application for listing on Hose and was accepted.

However, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, tourism has affected tourism, making the company’s operations go down, business is not too efficient. However, there is still much expectation in the future that this stock will be listed on the exchange as soon as possible. Currently, the stock price fluctuates from VND 20,000/share and also has a relatively high trading price.

List of stocks that are about to be listed on HOSE

VCA shares Khai Hoan Land shares – KHG shares of Vietnam Salt Company Stocks of Nam A Commercial Bank Shares of Quy Nhon Port Company Stocks of Saigon – Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank Stocks of Cho Lon Real Estate Company


Investing in stocks – stocks are about to go on the floor

List of new stocks listed on the floor

Code L18: Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company No. 18AMV: Viet My Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Manufacturing and Trading JSC Tri Viet Asset Management Group JSC: Thang Long Investment Group JSCNRC: Danh Khoi Group JSC Vietnam Fumigation Joint Stock CompanyBBC: BibicaSSC Joint Stock Company: Southern Seed Joint Stock CompanyBAB: Bac AL40 Joint Stock Commercial Bank: 40DVG Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company: Son Dai Viet Group JSC DTK: TKV Electricity Corporation – CTCPPRE: Total PVIGMA Reinsurance JSC: Enteco Vietnam JSC GIC: Green Development and Service Investment JSC MVB: Viet Bac Mining Industry Corporation TKV – CTCPBNA: Bao Ngoc Production Investment JSC THD: Thaiholdings JSC

Risks when buying stocks that are about to be listed on the floor

Going on the bourse doesn’t mean definitely going to the bourse, because sending listing documents on exchanges like Hose and HNX takes a lot of time to appraise, so it doesn’t mean that when it’s about to go on the floor, it will definitely go on the bourse. Therefore, when you buy stocks that are considered to be on the floor, you also face a lot of risks.

Risks: The business’s rapid capital increase game

Businesses sometimes release news that is about to be listed on this or that floor in order to call for and raise capital as quickly as possible for their company. Therefore, many units launched virtual listing techniques, hesitantly submitted documents and then withdrew, making many investors believe.

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For businesses that are about to go on the “virtual” floor, when you buy, the risk will be up to 80%. Sometimes a business needs to raise a large amount of capital or need money to pay off debt… then implement this trick to stimulate demand and increase capital quickly. After buying, the company did not have a listing on the floor, withdrawing the listing dossier, causing many people to become disillusioned.

Risk: No financial transparency

Even companies that have listed their shares on the stock exchange find it difficult to be transparent about their business and financial results. Therefore, the fact that unlisted companies can fake data, make virtual projects to show investors the potential of that company to invest.

Therefore, financial results are sometimes faked, once you buy shares of businesses whose shares are about to be listed on the floor, it will be a big risk, the possibility of losing capital is inevitable.

Risks: From increasing virtual capital

During the process of uploading listing documents or shares on the real exchange, there will still be many risks and one of those risks is the business raising virtual capital. The virtual capital increase allows investors to see their business profile as well as their financial situation to place their trust and buy shares.

So even after listing, there are still risks you have to face for stocks that are about to be listed. So please consider before all the information you receive, not everything in the press is completely accurate, completely trustworthy.

Should you buy stocks that are about to be listed or just listed on the stock exchange?

Stocks that are about to be listed and recently listed may not be the best choice for retail, individual and non-professional investors. And this is a popular stock for large, experienced and professional investors such as businesses and organizations.


How to invest in stocks that are about to be listed on the stock exchange

But if you still risk buying shares, new shares listed on the floor are safer, because at least the financial problems have better control and inspection by the Stock Exchange than unlisted stocks.

It is best for people to choose stocks that change the floor such as: Moving from Upcom to HNX or moving from HNX to HOSE because it will be safe and have a basis for better stock valuation. If you go to reverse listing due to delisting, you should not invest in it.

Before choosing to buy shares that are about to be listed or just listed, investors themselves need to understand the best stock pricing techniques and knowledge, and should not choose according to feelings or speculation because it is very dangerous.

How to price stocks that are about to be listed on the stock exchange?

With stocks about to be listed, it is actually not easy to value shares, to get accurate information requires a professional team, so we say this is a suitable stock code for organizations. /enterprise rather than the new individual.

But if you still need to learn, you can rely on the following criteria:

The stock price that is about to be listed on the floor is very easy to change and especially it will increase sharply if the exact date is announced. Therefore, the appraisal or valuation of shares that are about to be listed on the floor needs to be meticulous, careful and professional.

Where to buy reputable stocks that are about to be listed on the floor?

With a stock that is about to be listed, it means that it has not been listed on any exchanges, but not completely. With shares that are transferred to the floor, it is easier to buy, you can buy and then the floor will switch to the exchange where it is listed for everyone.

However, if the stocks have not been listed on any floor and have their first IPO, people can watch the IPO on any exchange and register to buy quickly on that floor. Because when there is an IPO schedule, the floor will open for sale and buyers only need to register.

Or you can buy it on the OTC floor, because these businesses will sell on the OTC forums, the purchase and sale will be quickly negotiated between the two parties.

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With the list of stocks that are about to be listed above, we will provide information to help people better understand about these stocks. Investing in stocks with high risk, investors themselves need to understand how, knowledge of stock valuation is the most important factor.

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