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The variety of designs and colors of imitation stone tiles
The variety of designs and colors of stone imitation bricks

As technology develops, the interior design market has more choices with a variety of designs and materials. In particular, one of the most popular products in recent times must be mentioned. was imitation stone bricks. So what is imitation stone brick? Information from AZ about imitation stone tiles will be in the following article, please refer to it!

What is imitation stone brick?

Imitation stone brick, also known as stone veined brick, is a ceramic product used for interior decoration manufactured by advanced technology. This type of brick not only inherits the beauty of natural stone but also overcomes the disadvantages of durability and production cost.

Architectural design - How to apply stone imitation bricks to create a luxurious, modern beauty - vat-lieu-xay-dung
Photo 1: Imitation stone bricks – a new trend in interior design

Therefore imitation stone bricks trusted by many consumers and gradually become a new interior design trend. Besides, on the market today, there are many different types of imitation stone tiles, meeting a variety of design styles as well as conditions for using decorative bricks.

Advantages of imitation stone bricks

It’s not natural imitation stone bricks received high praise from consumers and experts in the field of architecture. Here are the reasons you should choose to use imitation stone tiles for your home:

Bring high aesthetic value

Besides wood textures, the lines of stone in housing design are considered a way to create a strong connection between people and the natural world. With modern production technology, imitation stone tiles can simulate countless lines and colors of natural stone in the most realistic and sophisticated way.

Even for high-quality products, if you look at it with the naked eye, it will be difficult for you to distinguish which is natural stone and which is imitation stone.

The design of the interior design of the leather designer - How to apply stone imitation bricks to create a luxurious and modern beauty - vat-lieu-xay-dung
Photo 2: The variety of designs and colors of imitation stone tiles

Bricks of outstanding quality

On the market today, the types imitation stone bricks mainly of foreign origin. Especially for products from Europe, all of them undergo rigorous production and testing.

So each pill imitation stone bricks All are guaranteed to be perfect in terms of aesthetics and quality. At the same time, stone price bricks are extremely friendly to the health of users as well as do not negatively affect the natural environment.

Bring a space of luxury and modern beauty

If you have the opportunity to admire the reality, you will surely feel overwhelmed by the splendor and magnificence of the masterpieces of ancient European architecture. One of the materials that make up the unique beauty of these works is stone. Therefore, to this day, the use of stone textures in modern architecture has always been considered a very effective way to create luxurious beauty.

The beauty of the house is beautiful - How to apply stone imitation bricks to create a luxurious and modern beauty - vat-lieu-xay-dung
Photo 3: The modern luxury beauty of stone imitation brick

Effective cost saving

Not only possessing the true beauty of natural stone veins, the use of imitation stone bricks is also a way to save you extremely effective construction costs.

Besides the price is much cheaper than natural stone, the operation of using stone imitation bricks is also extremely convenient and fast. This significantly contributes to shortening construction time and helps you minimize costs during construction.

Easy to store and maintain

Due to the formation and composition of mineral components, natural stone has the disadvantage of being easily corroded by acidic cleaning chemicals. In contrast, for surfaces covered with imitation stone bricks, You can comfortably clean without worrying about the above problem. Even regular cleaning helps the tile surface become more and more shiny.

Contribute to the protection of the real wall

Application imitation stone bricks It is also a measure to help your walls avoid external harmful agents such as dirt, mold, algae, bacteria. At the same time, after removing the bricks, these walls will still keep the original integrity.

The most beautiful imitation stone wall and floor tiles today

To meet the needs and purposes of use, on the market today, there are many models of imitation stone tiles for consumers to choose from. You can try to refer to some more beautiful imitation stone tiles that we suggest below:

Imitation granite tiles (granite)

Granite floor tiles - How to apply imitation stone tiles to create a luxurious, modern beauty - vat-lieu-xay-dung
Photo 6: Imitation granite (granite) bricks

Inspired by granite slabs with beautiful and delicate textures, imitation marble tiles will be the ideal choice for homeowners who love luxury and modern style.

Imitation marble (marble) tiles

Marble, also known as marble, is a type of stone with vivid patterns, extremely fresh colors. The application of shiny imitation marble tiles in interior decoration can help the walls of your home become attractive and impressive, like very beautiful art paintings.

marble stone floor tiles - How to apply imitation stone tiles to create a luxurious and modern beauty - vat-lieu-xay-dung
Photo 7: Imitation marble (marble) tiles

3D imitation stone brick

3D imitation stone tiles are the perfect combination between European ceramic tile production technology and advanced computer printing techniques. True to its name, the 3D imitation stone brick product gives the viewer the true and vivid feeling of natural stone slabs.

3d wallpaper - How to apply stone imitation bricks to create a luxurious and modern beauty - vat-lieu-xaydung
Photo 8: 3D imitation stone brick

That is also the reason why the price of this type of brick is often quite high. However, in terms of use value and outstanding aesthetics, the investment money for 3D stone imitation bricks is completely worth it.

Imitation stone ceramic tiles Gạch

Compared with ordinary ceramic tiles, stone imitation ceramic tiles with modern production processes have completely outstanding advantages such as resistance to mold, control of absorption rate as well as shiny and high-looking surface. more level.

Gia da leather tiles - How to apply imitation stone tiles to create a luxurious and modern beauty - vat-lieu-xaydung
Photo 9: Imitation stone ceramic tiles

Imitation stone concrete bricks

Composed from familiar materials such as stone, sand, cement, etc., the imitation stone concrete brick product brings durable bearing capacity, the surface has a certain roughness and has both anti-slip effect and medium. is a distinctive highlight for this type of brick.

stone brickwork - How to apply stone imitation bricks to create a luxurious and modern beauty - vat-lieu-xay-dung
Photo 10: Imitation stone concrete bricks

Because it is designed to resemble real stone up to 80-90%, you can use imitation stone concrete tiles to pave the porch, decorate the garden area to bring a sense of harmony between the architecture and the natural landscape. .

Imitation stone plastic tiles

Made from the main material is Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), this is considered the most affordable brick among the imitation stone tiles on the market today. However, imitation stone plastic tiles still have high durability, especially water resistance, anti-cracking and can be installed flexibly in some locations with curved surfaces.

A beautiful design using leather furniture - How to apply stone imitation bricks to create a luxurious and modern beauty - vat-lieu-xay-dung
Photo 11: A wall surface using imitation stone plastic bricks

How much do stone bricks cost? Price list of imitation stone bricks

Due to possessing many outstanding advantages, on the market today, there are many brands producing imitation stone bricks both at home and abroad. The price for each brand, product and size of imitation stone tiles is also very different. You can refer to the price list that we have compiled right below.

Bang Bao Gia Gach Gia Da - How to apply imitation stone tiles to create a luxurious and modern beauty - vat-lieu-xay-dung
Photo 4: Price list of imitation stone bricks

Spaces where decorative stone imitation bricks can be applied

With a variety of types, materials and sizes, imitation stone tiles can be applied to many different spaces, namely:

Imitation stone floor tiles

In interior design, a beautiful floor always has the ability to change the look of any room. With anti-scratch properties, high durability and beautiful patterns, imitation stone tiles are the perfect choice for your home floor.

Imitation stone wall tiles

If you love shiny surfaces, instead of just painting the usual layers of paint, the use of wall tiles will make the overall space of the house more prominent and impressive. Or you can also use imitation stone bricks make extremely delicate accents for some positions such as behind the TV cabinet, bedside, …

Imitation stone skirting tiles

The use of wall tiles is probably not too strange. However, if you are afraid of the expensive price of natural stone, you can try to refer to the imitation stone skirting tiles. Make sure you will not be disappointed in both the aesthetic factor and the quality of this skirting tile.

Imitation stone tiles for the front of the house

The front of the house is always an important position that receives the attention of many people. With the advantage of being sustainable over time, less susceptible to corrosion by weather factors, imitation stone tiles are the number one priority if you want to tile the entire facade of your house.

Modern beauty parlor - How to apply imitation stone tiles to create a luxurious and modern beauty - vat-lieu-xay-dung
Photo 5: Imitation stone tiles for the front of the house

Some notes when choosing decorative stone imitation bricks

To ensure the quality as well as maximize the functions of the imitation stone bricks, we need to pay attention to the following issues:

Choose by room size

For rooms with a large area of ​​15m2 or more, we should choose imitation stone tiles with sizes of about 50×50mm, 60×60mm. The similarity in size will create a harmonious beauty for the whole house. Besides, the large sized bricks will have less grout. This will make the construction process as well as cleaning later will be easier.

Conversely, for rooms with a small area, tiles with dimensions of about 30×30, 40×40mm will be suitable. Combined with the brick background with light textures, you will see that your room will look more airy and bright.

Choose stone imitation tiles suitable for each space

Besides the area, the space of the room is also an issue you need to keep in mind when choosing tiles. For houses that are not square, you can choose imitation stone bricks 30×60mm size to overcome this situation.

In harmony with the overall style

Choosing tiles that are in harmony with the overall style is extremely important. Because bricks are considered to be the deciding factor for almost the entire look in the process of finishing the house. Therefore, you need to make sure that the color and texture of the tiles have a certain connection with the paint color of the wall and the main furniture.

Harmonious colors, feng shui

Besides hobbies, the feng shui factor is also an issue that many people care about when building and choosing colors for their home. You can consult more advice from feng shui experts to choose the right tile color for your destiny. This can make your work and life easier and more convenient.

Above is all information related to the products imitation stone bricks. Hopefully, the reference to the article will make it easier for you to choose the type of brick for your home. Good luck!

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