MỚI Quả Cầu Phong Thuỷ Có Tác Dụng Gì? Nên Dùng Loại Nào Là Tốt Nhất?

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The feng shui ball is a popular item used by many people, especially business people. Because they have a lot of positive energy, which brings advantages in business. So besides that use, is there any other effect? And which is the best to use? Let’s find out with Phong Thuy An Khang right away the content below to know more.

What does the feng shui ball do?

A feng shui ball is an item with a spherical shape, made from many different materials such as natural stone, crystal, glass, lapis lazuli, etc. People rely on that to name them, for example making a feng shui ball. from stone called stone bridge, from crystal called crystal ball and the like with other types.

In Vietnam, the stone bridge is still the most popular item. In some Western countries, they often use crystal bridges. This is because the concept of feng shui between the East and the West has many different points. That’s why we mainly discuss about the stone bridge only.

What does the feng shui ball do?
Join Phong Thuy An Khang to learn about stone bridges

In particular, the valuable stone bridge is the type made from minerals that the formation process takes millions of years. Thus, they can fully absorb the quintessence of heaven and earth and the sun and moon.

Feng shui experts also believe that these stones carry an abundant source of yang energy. The circle is the representative of the core of the earth, the principle of heaven, so the stone bridge has a very good effect on life, work and health.

The most obvious examples are a number of cultural museums in Hanoi and Hue. There is still a display that simulates the royal space with the decoration of stone bridges. It shows that, from ancient times, Kings, mandarins, and nobles have known to use this item to show power, drive away bad luck, and pray for good luck.

Today, thanks to machines, mining technology and manufacturing techniques have become easier. Therefore, it is not difficult to own a feng shui ball. Depending on the color, the placement is different office decoration, living room, front desk, company, … but the effect of the stone bridge is also different. Specifically:

The effect of the stone bridge by color

Pink: carries the energy of love, suitable for family happiness and love line. Owning a pink stone ball will help increase the love of husband and wife, dispel undue animosity and stress.

Yellow: Bringing the energy of the sun, suitable for opening the mind, bringing sharp and clear thinking. Owning a yellow stone ball will help you to be wiser, smarter in life and study. Suitable for office or study table decoration.

The effect of feng shui balls according to color
The effect of feng shui balls according to color

Black: bearing the color of darkness, but representing the gentleman himself. Suitable for warding off evil spirits, preventing people from killing people. Owning a black stone ball will help you always have positive energy, easily handle all problems.

White: carries the energy of purity and impurity, representing good luck and goodness. Owning a white stone ball will help you easily succeed in everything, bringing a lot of money.

Purple: carries the energy of loyalty, erudite wisdom. Owning a purple stone ball will help you achieve inner balance, flexibility in communication and trust from friends, partners, colleagues and superiors.

Green Blue: carries the energy of aspiration, representing water – wood with the meaning of money. Owning a blue orb will help you always have fresh energy, suitable for startups.

The effect of the stone bridge according to the location

Placing the stone bridge in the East will help improve your intelligence, increase flexibility, agility in communication, and inner balance. It is also used to ward off evil spirits and accumulate wealth. Since this is the direction of the rising sun, which is the positive pole, next to a window would be better.

Placing the stone bridge in the West will help enhance memory and bring good luck. The West direction is also the direction of the setting sun, signaling the end of a busy working day. Therefore, placing a stone bridge here also brings comfort and peace in life.

The effect of the feng shui ball according to the location
The effect of the feng shui ball according to the location

Placing the stone bridge in the south will help family relationships, love lines, status and fame. The South direction is also the place where the Emperor Yan and Chu Tuoc live. In which Chu Tuoc represents the mother of birds. Willing to sacrifice himself to save all species when facing danger and disease. So placing a stone bridge here is extremely good for family religion, suitable for families with wives at home.

Placing a stone bridge in the North will help increase prosperity, yang energy, increase power and position. According to geographical feng shui, the North direction is the place where the most negative energy gathers. Placing an ear stone bridge is also a way to balance yin and yang. At that time, it will help the owner to drive away the petty and cunning people.

Placing the stone bridge in the center will help balance the relationships around, increase money and fame. The central location is also the place that attracts the most views, suitable for people with status and titles. Thereby, it is easy to control the overall situation and have enough intelligence to make decisions.

To summarize that: In addition to the meaning according to the color, the effect of the stone bridge is also affected by the placement. In feng shui Loan Dau called it the town. So to bring out the full effect of the stone bridge, we need to flexibly combine color and position.

In addition, Feng Shui An Khang also offers some suggestions for everyone to refer to:

  • Pink stone bridge can be placed in the south.
  • The yellow stone bridge can be placed in the east or in the center.
  • The black stone bridge can be placed in the north or the center position.
  • Purple stone bridge can be placed in the East or South direction.
  • The blue stone bridge can be placed in the East or North direction.
  • The white stone bridge can be placed in the West or South direction.

To accurately determine the position and direction, people should use a compass and stand in the center of the measurement. For example, put in the living room, stand in the center of the room, put the desk in the center of the table, etc.

Everyone should also note, the above is just the basic theory. In fact, feng shui always changes and must be applied flexibly according to each geographical space. To understand the details is not overnight, it takes time to learn in depth. But basically, with the above arrangement, 80% of the use is already achieved.

In addition, the feng shui ball can also be combined with many feng shui items such as Pi Xiu, Thiem Thu or statue of 12 animals. From there, it will bring more different uses.

What kind of stone should be used for the feng shui ball?

This is probably a question that many people are interested in. Because in nature there are many different types of gemstones. The market for feng shui balls is also diverse, making it difficult for us to choose.

To this question, we would like to answer briefly as follows: “The stone bridge is a pure yang item, bringing the energy of heaven and earth to transform to the owner. Therefore, the bridge is made from a type of rock that has a forming process, crystal structure, and minerals, the more minerals, the greater the use. “

List of Vietnamese gems
List of Vietnamese gems

Along with that, the value of ownership is also proportional to the value of feng shui, the more precious the stone, the higher the selling price. But that doesn’t mean the high value stone bridge is the right stone bridge.

Matching here includes matching economic conditions, matching your own capacity. The ancients used to say, “If you meet a layer of clouds, you will meet a cloud of that layer. “This means, if your selection is limited and you use the stone too well, it will not be able to absorb all the energy in the sphere. This leads to unnecessary waste.

A specific example for everyone to understand better, if you are an office worker with a salary of 20 million and you own a sphere worth hundreds of millions of dong, it is not necessarily appropriate. That sphere cannot help you change your feng shui destiny from one to one hundred. But if you choose a product worth only a few million dong, in our opinion, it is much more suitable and useful.

Below is information on some of the commonly used gemstones for making feng shui balls. Everyone can refer to which type is suitable for themselves. From there, make your own decision.

1. Quartz

Quartz stone is probably the most popular stone in the Vietnamese stone bridge market. Scientifically known as Quartz, it is mined mainly in the mines of Quy Chau (Nghe An), Bao Loc (Lam Dong), Nui Dinh (Ba Ria – Vung Tau), Dong Nai, Quang Nam, Phu Yen and the Central Highlands. .

Feng Shui Ball Rose Quartz
Feng Shui Ball Rose Quartz

They are formed by dehydration metamorphism of opal-containing sedimentary rocks. In addition to the main components pegmatite, beryl, topaz, muscovite, tourmaline also contains a number of vapors and liquids including CO2, H2O, NaCl, CaCO3, … and other minerals with the general formula SiO2.

In terms of specifications, Quartz stone has a Triclinic crystal structure, Mohs hardness of about 7.0, specific gravity of 2.7, extraction of about 1.544 – 1.553, birefringence of about 0.009, unclear separation, fluorescence no.

At the General Department of Geology, Quartz stone is classified in group II in the list of precious stones present in Vietnam. In the world, according to Kluge’s classification in 1860, it belongs to group IV semi-precious stones. And Karl Hugo Trunz in 1941, based on elemental origin, belongs to group IV due to autogenous oxides and hydroxides.

2. Nacre Stone

Mother of pearl stone is less famous than Quartz stone but is also commonly used in feng shui. Scientifically known as Labradorite, mined mainly in the mines of Bao Loc (Lam Dong), Gia Kiem (Dong Nai), Da Ban (Binh Thuan), Hiep Duc (Quang Nam).

feng shui ball of mother of pearl stone
feng shui ball of mother of pearl stone

They are formed during geological transformations. The more changes the area has, the more valuable the variations are. The main composition of Labradorite rock includes Ca, Na, Al, Si, of which Ca/ (Ca + Na) + % anorthite accounts for about 50 – 70 (%).

In terms of technical parameters, Nacre has a Triclinic structure, chemical formula is (Ca,Na)(Al,Si)4O8, Mohs hardness is about 6.5, specific gravity is about 2.72, extraction is about 1.554 – 1,573 , birefringence about 0.007 – 0.011, perfect separation, 70% reflective.

At the General Department of Geology and according to Kluge, Nacre is classified as group II in Vietnam and group IV semi-precious stones in common with Thach Anh. Also based on the elemental origin of Karl Hugo Trunz, it belongs to group V due to feldspar spontaneously. Market value is lower than Quartz.

3. Agate Stone

Agate is a variant of Quartz stone, belonging to the Chalcedony family. Its scientific name is Agat, exploited mainly in the mines of Luc Yen (Yen Bai), Loc Trung (Tay Ninh), Truong Xuan (Dak Nong), Di Linh (Lam Dong).

feng shui ball of white Agate stone
feng shui ball of white Agate stone

They were used more in ancient times, when the Egyptian, Babylonian or Muslim cultures considered them to be the best. Has the ability to dispel talismans, dispel negative energy and balance life. In Buddhism, Agate stone belongs to one of the “Seven Treasures of Buddhism”, so people believe in the ability to exorcise and chase ghosts of this stone.

In terms of technical parameters, Agate stone has a Trigonal structure with microcrystalline aggregates, hardness on Mohs scale about 6.5, specific gravity about 2.6, refractive index about 1.530 – 1.543, birefringence about 0.004, degree of separation not clear, 30% fluorescence.

At the General Department of Geology or classification results, Ma Na rock is grouped into the Quartz family. In terms of market value, Ma Nao is not cheap, because the output is not much.

Dear readers!

Hopefully with the information in the article “what is the effect of the feng shui ball? And which is the best one to use? Ours will help everyone. If you still have questions or are unclear about the effects of the feng shui ball and how to use it, please OFFERContact Phong Thuy An Khang Call Hotline/zalo 0965 760 553 for the best support. Sincerely thank!

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