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Feng shui has a very important meaning in every person’s life, especially at work. In accordance with feng shui, all luck and fortune will come rushing in. On the contrary, if feng shui is not right, disaster will come that you can’t predict. You need to pay attention feng shui desk for people destined for Fire To help the work go smoothly, more luck will come…

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Information about people destined for Fire

Anh1 compares with people - Feng shui work desk for people with good fortune - Feng Shui-follow-the-age
Photo 1: A brief description of people destined for the Fire
  • The years of birth belong to the Fire sign: Giap Tuat (1943, 1994), Dinh Dau (1952, 2017), Binh Dan (1986, 1926), At Hoi (1935, 1995), Giap Thin (1964, 2024), Dinh Mao (1987, 1927), Mau Rat (1948, 2008), At Ty (1965, 2025), Ky Ox (1949, 2009), Mau Ngo (1978, 2038), Binh Than (1956, 2016), Ky Goat (1979, 2039).
  • The syllables of the Fire par: In the theory of the five elements Kim, Wood, Fire, and Earth, the Fire element consists of six elements loaded with yin: Phuc Dang Hoa (Fire of an oil lamp), Lu Trung Hoa (Fire in the furnace), Son Dau Hoa (Fire head/mountain). , Thien Thuong Hoa (Fire in the sky), Tich Calendar Fire (Fire thunder), Son Ha Hoa (Fire at the foot of the mountain).
  • Destiny: People with Fire destiny are compatible with Moc and Tho.
  • Engraved destiny: Manh Fire is most closely related to Destiny.
  • Color: Orange, pink, red, purple are the colors suitable for the owner of the Fire par.
  • Numbers: 3, 4, 9 are the lucky numbers of people with fire destiny.
  • Character: People with the Fire sign have a sense of humour, innovation, love to innovate and are always full of passion. Open-minded, outgoing personality, quite enthusiastic in all activities. However, they are often impatient and impatient.
  • Career: Fire people often hold leadership positions and like to act. At work, they are very decisive decision-makers, ready to face new challenges. Therefore, the career often reaps many successes.

The position of the desk of the person of the Hoa par is in accordance with feng shui

One of the factors that needs to be prioritized in feng shui desks is choosing the position of the desk. A location is a defined place reserved for certain people or things. So what is the location? feng shui work desk par Fire?

According to feng shui, desk for people destined for Fire should be placed in the direction of sunlight or trees, close to nature. After you have chosen a good desk direction, you certainly cannot forget to arrange the table so that it is suitable for feng shui.

English2 for the feng shui trilogy you work for people who love flowers according to the direction of the moon - Feng Shui desk for people with fire par brings good fortune - feng shui-following-age
Photo 2: The feng shui position of the desk for the Fire person in the direction of the sun
  • In front of the table should be airy to help the money open. Front desk for people destined for Fire There should be a large space, avoiding a narrow, secret space. This will make the road to promotion more convenient and open.
  • There must be a solid fulcrum behind to be easy to advance. The desk should be placed with your back to a solid wall or wall (if there is no wall, the wall can be a desk or cabinet behind you) so that the path to promotion is always stable, mentally safe, and free from anxiety.

The direction of the desk of Mars according to feng shui

The direction of the desk according to feng shui for the fortune of the homeowner in the five elements will have a good direction to place and a bad direction to avoid. Therefore, the content below will provide useful information for you.

Good desk direction for people destined for Fire

According to the law of mutuality and contrast, the direction of the desk of the people of Mars should be arranged in one of the directions: Northeast, Northwest, West, Southwest are the directions that bring luck, fortune and good things, prosperity.

East and Southeast are the two best directions for feng shui desk for people destined for Fire because this is the direction of Jupiter. According to the Five Elements, the Fire parity corresponds to the Wood destiny. Setting up a desk in this direction will help the owner experience many advantages, success, and work “like a kite in the wind”.

Anh3 works on feng shui to bring good luck to the flower man - Feng Shui desk for the Fire man brings good fortune - feng shui-following-years-old
Photo 3: The direction of the feng shui desk is favorable for the Fire par

Bad direction should be avoided

The owner of the Fire element should avoid arranging the desk in the West and Northwest directions, the North direction is the direction of the Water element, which will suppress the development of the Fire door. In addition, you should also avoid placing the desk in the direction of the Earth capital, which is compatible with Fire, which can cause money and fortune to be lost.

Choosing a desk for the person of the Fire and Feng Shui destiny

Anh4 chooses you to do feng shui work for people with flowers - Feng Shui desk for people with fire par brings good fortune - feng shui-following-age
Photo 4: Feng shui office desk for the Fire par

Material of the desk of Mars

When choosing any item, the material factor is the first thing people pay attention to. In feng shui desk for people destined for FireThis is even more noticeable. A suitable desk must have the right material according to the rules of feng shui.

Desk for people destined for Fire The best is made of wood. Wood is the material that represents the Wood element. According to the law of mutual birth, Wood gives birth to Fire, so this is considered a very good thing for feng shui.

Anh5 is a chat center for people who love flowers - Feng shui desk for people with fire destiny brings good fortune - feng shui-following-age
Photo 5: Wood is a material that symbolizes the Fire destiny

The color of the Fire office desk

Anh6 hurry up and choose a place for the family to go - Feng shui desk for people destined for Fire brings good fortune - feng shui-follow-up
Photo 6: Bright colors are the first choice for owners of fire destiny

The life of the people of the Fire sign is usually quite active and exciting. Suitable colors for this par are hot colors such as: red, orange, pink, purple, … In which, red is loved, symbolizing enthusiasm and burning heart.

Not only that, you can also choose a table with green color, the color of life of Fire. This is a supportive color that brings a lot of luck and convenience in the destiny of the owner of the Fire.

A table with the right color that both brings good fortune and creates a personal impression is what everyone wants. Please make a smart choice.

The shape of the office desk of the people of the Fire

The table with an elongated shape will be a great choice for those with the Fire sign. The table should have a size commensurate with the area of ​​the room as well as compatible with the items displayed on the table.

Choose a table that is the right size for the size of the user to create a comfortable feeling to avoid being empty or cramped. Can put a small cabinet next to the table to help increase prosperity or combine with red chairs are not bad combinations.

Feng shui items for people destined for Fire

Feng shui items include objects that represent a god or certain energy source that can help the homeowner eliminate bad luck and attract good luck. So nWhat do people put on the desk?? The answer will be shortly.

Anh7 is happy with the good fortune - Feng Shui desk for people with Mars destiny brings good fortune - feng shui-following-years-old
Photo 7: Quartz ball with positive energy
  • Pi Huu: A mascot symbolizing fortune and wealth, prosperity. The item also has the ability to ward off evil spirits and protect the owner. Placing a stone Pixiu statue on the table will help attract fortune and make the path to fame and fortune more favorable.
  • Thiem Thu: Item with the image of a three-legged toad with a coin in its mouth. Placing Thiem Thu at the desk helps the owner develop a career path and career advancement.
  • The feng shui ball is a very suitable choice feng shui desk for people destined for Fire. Balls are usually made of rocks precious capital brings many sources of energy, positive magnetic field. The item will bring energy to you when using it to decorate your desk.
  • Van Xuong Tower is no stranger to feng shui items for the Manh Hoa people. The seven-story tower symbolizes wisdom, success and wisdom. Choose a Van Xuong Tower to put on the desk as a wish for wisdom in the solution job decisions, creating high opportunities for career growth.
  • Feng shui stones are considered items feng shui desk for people destined for Fire most popular. People with the Fire sign can choose types such as: Red Agate helps improve communication skills to facilitate work and life. Green Quartz stone has the effect of promoting wealth, preventing negative energy from causing disasters. Or Amethyst is not a bad choice to promote concentration, relieve stress, fatigue, maintain health.

Desk tree for people destined for Fire

English 8 Spicy green decorates the feng shui board for men. Flowers - Feng Shui desks for people with Mars destiny bring good fortune - feng shui
Photo 8: Trees decorate feng shui desks for people of the Fire par

Green trees not only bring fresh space but also have a meaning of feng shui, help bring luck, filter air. What kind of tree should I choose? decorate your desk mệnh for feng shui? Let’s find out below!

  • Anthurium tree with the meaning of bringing effort and persistence in work. If red anthurium brings full enthusiasm, orange persimmon brings you passion and creativity in work. To match feng shui desk for people destined for Fire Please place this flower pot in the corner of the table to welcome luck and fortune to come non-stop.
  • The tree of life represents perseverance and sustainability in the face of all difficulties and challenges. The plant has a very good feng shui meaning for those who are often impatient and impatient. This helps you to be more successful in everything.
  • Honeysuckle is a plant that symbolizes prosperity and wealth. Put a honeysuckle on the desk, the Fire man will have luck and fortune. In addition, you can safely place this plant on the table to resolve conflicts.
  • The cactus is also one of the plants of the Fire sign. For feng shui desk for people destined for Fire, cactus helps the owner to be sustainable and radiant on the road to fame. Self-motivation, creating energy to rise up by decorating your desk with a pot of cactus is something you should consider.
  • The fortune tree is a plant that cannot be ignored when decorating the desk for people with the Fire par. With a pot of fortune on the desk can help you feel full of positive energy, and peace in life.

The taboos about feng shui desks par Fire

  • Decorating the office of Mars should avoid using black, dark blue, navy blue tones. These colors belong to the Water par and have the ability to extinguish the energy of the people of the Fire par.
  • Not placing a mirror opposite the door to the office will make you feel insecure and anxious.
  • The working position should not be too close to the door, otherwise the work efficiency is not high, it is difficult to promote one’s capacity, and is easily affected by external factors.
  • The front desk should not be cramped, narrow and facing the pillar.
  • The work desk of the Fire man should not face the stairs, the kitchen or the toilet.

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The article provides sharing about Feng shui desk for people destined for Fire. Hope the above information has helped you to understand more about this issue. Choose and decorate your desk in accordance with feng shui to contribute to bringing luck, fortune, convenience and success on your career path! If you love our articles, you can follow other articles in the category feng shui by age.

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