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Vietnamese customs attach great importance to the ancestral altar. It shows respect and respect for ancestors, with the guardian deity every day. The altar is placed in the right position, full of everything, always warm, the family is also peaceful and full. An extremely important thing on the altar is the incense bowl. However, How to display incense bowls on the altar How to match feng shui is a problem not everyone knows. Let’s see how you need to arrange and what to note when placing the incense bowl.

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Photo 1: How to display incense bowls on the altar to match feng shui is very important (Source: Internet)

How important is the arrangement of the incense bowl on the altar?

In Vietnamese culture, there are two parallel worlds. One is the world in which we live, daily activities and the other is the spiritual world. The spiritual world is sometimes more important than the present world. Because according to the Vietnamese concept, it is the human spirit. If the mind is stable and stable, everything will be favorable. And what represents the spirit is the ancestral altar.

Worshiping ancestors – an indispensable custom of the Vietnamese people. Stepping into any family, you can see the altar of ancestors. And the incense bowl placed in the center of the altar is to express gratitude and remember the gods and the deceased, the ancestors of the Vietnamese people.

On the full moon day, the 1st or the second anniversary, Tet holiday or any other important occasion such as someone going away, preparing to go somewhere, people will also burn incense to invite their ancestors to enjoy their fortune and pray for peace. safe, happy. Therefore, the incense bowl has become an extremely important holy object, must be very attentive and careful while presenting. The most important thing is How to put the incense bowl correctly?.

When the incense bowl is properly placed, each incense stick is lit as a link for descendants to express their wishes to their ancestors. From there, people’s wishes will also be witnessed and protected.

The placement of incense bowls is as important as choosing the direction to build a house. In order to build a house that is suitable for the owner, it is necessary to have all the elements of feng shui, design, space, color, … Only then is a favorable house to help homeowners increase prosperity.

If you need to choose a house with all the elements of prosperity, please refer to HERE.

How to put incense on the altar according to feng shui

From the above meaning, it can be seen that How to display incense bowls on the altar It’s really a very important thing and every homeowner needs to know. So How to place incense bowls on the altar of ancestors What is the best standard? First of all, pay attention to the following:

How many incense bowls are needed on the altar?

The ancestral altar needs to have at least 2 incense bowls. One bowl to worship gods and one bowl to worship ancestors. However, there are also families who only order 1 bowl of incense because they borrowed the age of other people when building the house, not the owner living here.

It can also be an altar in a small house, so only 1 bowl of incense is needed for common worship. There are families that separate the incense bowls to worship the ancestors and Mr. Manh, so there are 4 bowls. So you can see How to put incense on the altar Depends on the point of view of each family, there are no strings attached.

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Photo 2: Choose an odd number of incense bowls (Source: Internet)

However, according to the long-standing belief of Vietnamese people, families should order incense bowls in odd numbers as the most beautiful. Or decorate the incense bowl corresponding to the life of each person including birth – old age – illness – death. For example, 3 – 7 – 12 incense bowls.

Usually, Vietnamese families will put 3 incense bowls on the altar symbolizing the worship of Tho Cong, the god is in the middle. The two sides are worshiping ancestors and worshiping To Cong – Ong Manh. The incense bowl will be placed on the Tam Son base with elegant and solemn decorative patterns and motifs.

Depending on the family situation of each household, the number of incense bowls may vary. But you need to consider who the incense bowl is to worship so it will not cause waste and confusion for the altar.

Placement of incense bowls on the altar

How to put the incense bowl correctly is also not to be missed. Depends on the number the position of the incense bowl on the altar Either way will be different.

How to place a bowl of incense on the altar of the ancestors with a bowl of incense

For families who place a bowl of incense, it is only necessary to place it in the center of the altar, so it is used for common worship for all. This is the choice of families living in apartments, there is not much space to make a large altar.

Location of 3 incense bowls

If the family places 3 incense bowls, please pay attention to the principle that the incense bowl in the middle of worshiping the earth god or god will be the tallest and largest. This shows the respect and clear division between the gods and the people. Thus, the family will not be guilty of blasphemy.

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Photo 3: Location of incense bowls (Source: Internet)

Location of incense bowl

The left hand side of the incense bowl is for her ancestors. The incense bowl on the right hand side is to worship ancestors. After that, there will be two incense bowls to worship the ancestors, and her ancestors will place them below the incense bowls to worship the gods and goddesses. Each bowl is spaced about 10cm apart.

How to arrange incense bowls on the altar with 4 incense bowls

There are families who will separate incense bowls to worship their ancestors and Mr. Manh or to worship other dead people, and there will be additional incense bowls. At this point you need to pay attention How to display incense bowls on the altar are: incense bowls worshiping the earth gong, the gods are still in the center, other bowls are placed below according to the principle that boys are left-handed, girls are right-handed. And each incense bowl is separated from 8 to 12cm to create ventilation.

The process of picking up incense bowls according to feng shui

Not only are you interested in how to place the incense bowl, but before that, you also need to pay attention to the process of picking the incense bowl according to feng shui. The steps will be as follows:

Prepare the incense bowl

After buying, the incense bowl needs to be washed with salt water, ginger wine mixed with a little perfume for worship. Drop a few more rose petals to help the bowl smell fresh, clean, remove the visible part.

Let it dry and then steam the incense. After using the dishwashing liquid, pour it out in front of the people or carry the scales around the house. Absolutely do not pour down the drain or unclean place.

Prepare ashes

The incense bowl must be made according to the Dharma to have the core. The core of the incense bowl must have 7 treasures, also known as seven treasures such as: gold, silver, jade, onyx, coral… In which, gold, silver, and jade are 3 indispensable things. All are wrapped in a sheet of metallized paper, then use a red pen that has been made to write a number of words.

In addition, there must be negative money in the incense bowl for the “Five Road God of Wealth”. Red yang money with the number 5 (birth) folded into the shape of a small boat and arranged around the seven treasures.

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Photo 4: Pay special attention in the process of unloading incense bowls (Source: Internet)

The process of picking incense bowls

To ensure the cleanliness of the incense bowl, the performer must wash his hands with alcohol or ginger water. When picking the incense bowl, use your hands to pick up each handful of ashes in turn and place them in the bowl.

According to the instructions of the monks, the number of draws must be counted according to the number of births such as “birth – old age – illness – death”. Until the ashes get close to the mouth of the bowl, note that the last grasp will enter the birth number.

When unloading the incense bowl, add the ashes and shake well, do not press or compress. During the process, please pray with your mouth “Son… (full name)… please pick up incense bowls for the gods (gods/faerie …)” so that the gods and ancestors can witness.

Place the incense bowl on the altar

After picking up the bowl, do the right thing How to display incense bowls on the altar instructed above. Depending on the number of incense bowls, the owner proceeds to order according to the most appropriate instructions.

Buy incense bowls

To pick up the incense bowl smoothly, to show respect to the ancestors, the homeowner needs to buy a full set of rituals including: fresh flowers, fresh fruit, clean water and display on the altar. Before burning incense, open all the doors in the room. Then do the ceremony.

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Photo 5: Perform the ceremony carefully and thoughtfully when placing incense bowls (Source: Internet)

Notes when placing incense bowls on the altar

In the process of unloading the incense bowl and placing it on the altar, the homeowner should pay attention to the following:

  • Choose appropriate, clean and dignified clothes to worship ancestors and gods. Wear long clothes, do not wear shorts, blazers stand in front of the ancestors altar when performing the ceremony.
  • Choose a color for a harmonious incense bowl. It is possible to choose patterns and textures with yellow-green color and should not choose the type with Chinese or Chinese characters.
  • Where to put the incense bowl is to put it in the right position, not moving so much will affect the gods and ancestors, absolutely not good for the owner.

Principles when using incense bowls

After placing the incense bowl, in the process of using it, it is also necessary to follow the principles that are:

  • Always keep the place where the incense bowl is placed by careful cleaning and sanitizing. Absolutely do not leave the place of worship dirty. Especially before the ceremony on the full moon day, the 1st or a special occasion.
  • The most suitable time to rearrange the altar is December 23 and 30. When you want to rearrange the altar, pray to the gods and ancestors. When cleaning, other items can be moved, but only incense bowls and tablets are absolutely not allowed to move or change positions.
  • If it is the incense bowl that comes back after 1 year or when the incense bowl has too many incense sticks, it is recommended to leave 5 legs. The remaining incense sticks will be burned and the ashes will be dropped into rivers and streams.
  • If you want to remove the old incense bowl and replace it with a new one, put the old incense bowl on the foam board and let it float in the river. Absolutely do not throw old incense bowls in unclean places. Even the old incense bowl, if not handled well, the family may encounter bad luck in life.
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Photo 6: During use, keep the position of the incense bowl clean (Source: Internet)

Above is How to display incense bowls on the altar As well as the notes in the process of using the incense bowl that the columnist feng shui advice Feng shui houses according to age. Homeowners need to know and do it right. Only then can we clearly show our respect to the gods and ancestors. From there, you can have a happy and prosperous life.

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