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Mulberry tree is a familiar plant, in addition to being used to eat, raise silk, weave silk, make syrup or soak in wine, parts such as mulberry leaves are used to make medicine.

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Mulberry leaf is an herb that has been very familiar to Vietnamese people since ancient times. In addition to being used to eat, raise silk, weave silk, make syrup or soak in wine, parts of the plant such as mulberry leaves are used to make medicine to treat many effective diseases.

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Mulberry leaves

Mulberry leaf is what herb?

Mulberry leaves It is considered as a “panacea” that nature bestows on man. The scientific name is Morus alba L of the Moraceae (mulberry) family, also known by other names such as: tangerine, mulberry, may mon, …

There are few plants where all parts are used to make medicine and also have other applications in life. From flowers, fruits, roots, roots, leaves to mantis nests, mistletoe parasitizes trees.

Mulberry tree is a woody tree, 2 to 3 m tall, sometimes up to 5 m high. Branches soft, hairy when young, leaves alternate, oval, pointed and serrated. Mulberry has unisexual, wingless flowers, the flowering season starts from April to May.

The fruit is spherical, white-green when young, turns purple-black, pink, dark red when ripe, tastes both sour and sweet, fruiting starts from June to July.


Mulberry leaves

Distribution area of ​​mulberry trees

Mulberry is a moisture-loving and light-loving plant, so it is grown in large areas of plains, riverbanks and plateaus. In large rivers such as Red River, Thai Binh River, Day River and distributed in Lam Dong area, scattered in some provinces in the Mekong Delta.

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In addition, the tree is also distributed in some other Asian countries such as China, Japan, India, Korea in the warm temperate or subtropical regions. The origin of the tree began in China.

Harvesting and processing mulberry leaves

Mulberry leaves are collected all year round, when they are as big as an adult’s hand. After harvesting, it is brought to dry to make medicine.

Flowers are harvested from April to May, fruits are harvested from June to July, and the root bark is harvested in late autumn when the leaves fall. People shave off the outer bark, peel off the white root bark to dry or dry.

In addition to the Northern region, mulberry trees are mainly grown for fruit, silkworm rearing, and other regions in the processing of jam and candy products. On the other hand, the leaves are dried, rolled into mulberry leaf tea, used to drink similar to other types of tea.


Mulberry leaf tea

Nutrient composition of mulberry tree

Mulberry leaves contains free amino acids (alanin, sarcosin, pipercholic acid, leucin), protid, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin D, organic acids: tannin, isobutyric, succinic, propionic, … Mulberry fruit contains anthocyanins, sugars. glucose, fructose), vitamin C, tannin, protein.

Strawberry branches contain nutrients such as: morin, dyhidromorin, mulberrin, maclurin, cyclomuberrin, …

Clinical application of mulberry

According to research, leaves, bark, mulberry tree, … all have the effect of helping to treat diseases effectively. Here are some of the distinct uses of each part:

Mulberry leaves have the effect of treating colds, fevers, helping to clear phlegm, stabilize blood pressure and help bright eyes very effectively. Mulberry fruit helps to nourish the kidneys, better digestion, treat insomnia, help sleep deeply. and limit premature graying of hair. The inner bark of the roots, the tree also helps diuretic, treat edema and treat respiratory diseases. In addition, the plants that live on the mulberry tree also have a tonic effect. liver, kidney and treatment of joint pain.

What are the benefits of drinking mulberry leaf juice?

Mulberry leaf juice is slightly bitter, sour, cool, not too difficult to drink. Drinking mulberry leaf juice has the effect of stabilizing blood pressure, heart rate, supporting the treatment of diabetes and many other diseases.

Here are some effects of this medicinal decoction you should refer to:

Drinking mulberry leaf juice has the effect of treating diabetes

According to an experiment in 2000 by US scientists, when 50 diabetic patients used a decoction of this leaf, it brought unexpected effects.

After a period of using the decoction, scientists discovered that the blood sugar levels of the patients had decreased to a safe level. In addition to stabilizing blood sugar levels, the decoction of the plant also inhibits the body’s ability to absorb starch.


Drink mulberry leaf juice to treat diabetes

Medicines to support the treatment of diabetes we do as follows:


Mulberry leaves: 100g

Dried lotus leaves: 100g

Enthusiasm (strike range): 50g.

Mistletoe: 50g.


Bring 4 decoction with 1 liter of water, divided into 2 times a day. Consistent use will see blood sugar drop significantly. Many diabetic patients have used and recovered from this remedy.

Drinking mulberry leaf juice has the effect of stabilizing blood pressure

According to scientific studies, when giving patients with high blood pressure, use a decoction of this plant. After about 5 minutes of use, the blood pressure in the body has decreased to a safe level. This shows that drinking mulberry leaf juice has an effective effect on stabilizing blood pressure. Therefore, this is a medicine that is worth trying for many patients with high blood pressure.

To treat high blood pressure, we have an effective remedy from mulberry porridge as follows:

Take 20g of mulberry leaves, 4-5 mussels, cook porridge every day to help lower blood pressure. Eating this porridge regularly will stabilize blood pressure.

Drinking mulberry leaf juice has the effect of stabilizing the heart rate

According to a study published by scientists, the extracts of the plant have the effect of improving the circulatory system and stabilizing the heart rate of the body. People with cardiovascular diseases should drink leaf juice. regular mulberry.

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Take a handful of dried leaves and drink it every day to help stabilize the heart rate very well. This helps prevent angina, myocardial infarction, … and many other dangerous complications.

Drinking mulberry leaf juice cures insomnia

Thanks to the free amino acids present in mulberry leaves, it helps your body relieve stress and fatigue in work and daily life. At the same time, these free amino acids also help your body fall asleep faster and deeper.

Drinking mulberry leaf juice every night before going to bed helps sedation, deep sleep, less anxiety, nervousness, not startled in the middle of the night, ….

To sleep well, there is a very good remedy from mulberry leaves as follows:

Take dried mulberry leaves, ground pine trees, prongs, 30g each to drink. Drinking continuously for a long time every night before going to bed will see the effect.

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Drinking mulberry leaf juice cures insomnia

What are the effects of mulberry leaves?

Strawberry branch, also known as tang chi, has a bitter taste, is neutral, helps to heal asthma, urinary retention, edema, diabetes, high blood pressure and strong bones. In addition, it also has the effect of nourishing the liver, kidneys, and blood, except for leprosy.

Besides, it is also used to eat fresh, make jam, ice cream, yogurt, cake, make syrup, etc. Root bark when used to treat coughing up blood, bronchitis, sore throat accompanied by fever symptoms…

Mulberry leaves Used as a vegetable with salads, grilled, cooked soup, as food for raising silkworms, … Combine with other medicinal herbs to beautify the skin, treat dizziness, headaches, eye diseases, high blood pressure, colds. , sweat stealing…

The effect of leaves Mulberry cures insomnia

Remedy 1: Use field fruit, ripe mulberry fruit, and white dahlia 15 grams of each type of boiled water.

Remedy 2: 60 grams of fresh ripe strawberries or replace 30 grams of dried, sharp berries with water to drink twice a day

The above two remedies are very effective for people with sleep problems, chronic insomnia, the sedative product Passerynum in strawberries helps you sleep better than ever.

The effect of leaves mulberry with skin

The active α-hydroxy acid found in mulberry leaves is known as an ideal skin-beautifying ingredient. Very suitable for women. You can drink mulberry leaf juice or pound it on your face to help fight melasma, freckles, remove dead cells, regenerate new skin to help rejuvenate the skin.

The effect of leaves Mulberry cures diabetes

Use ripe berries to squeeze the juice, then concentrate it into a high, use 5 grams each time, drink 3 times a day to regulate blood sugar. Or take a handful of dried mulberry leaves, drink regularly to stabilize blood sugar.

Mulberry leaves are effective in treating high blood pressure

Strawberry leaves cook soup with carp, note not to season too salty, just enough to eat, the more peanuts the better. Helps lower blood pressure quickly and effectively.

The use of mulberry leaves to treat red eyes

Using fresh mulberry leaves, drying, pounding and burning into black charcoal, cook with water and use cooking water to wash your eyes continuously after a few days, the pain will be reduced. If you often have eye pain, using mulberry leaves in boiling water, washing your eyes regularly every day will be very effective.

Mulberry leaves have anti-perspirant effects

This remedy is passed down by word of mouth, but it is extremely effective, children often use it from 7 to 9. Mulberry leaves young cooked with 6 grams of rhubarb with 8 grams of lotus seeds. Then add sugar to make it easier for the baby to drink. After a few days, the condition will improve and gradually disappear immediately.


Mulberry leaves have anti-perspirant effects

The use of mulberry leaves helps to improve health and nourish blood

Use decoction of mulberry leaves to get water, then complete with alum sugar to drink daily to enhance health and comfort.

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Mulberry leaves have the effect of curing nosebleeds

Using young mulberry leaves washed, washed and stuffed into the nostrils will stop the nosebleed.

The use of mulberry leaves to treat rheumatism, joint pain

Remedy 1: Tang parasitic 16 grams, customary paragraph, ginseng party, location, mind, white truss, crane, nostalgia, Ha Thu O, 12 grams each. Bring all the colors to drink. Effective for neuropathic pain caused by spinal degeneration.

Remedy 2: Strawberry mistletoe, Qin Giao, Sacrifice, Birth Earth, Returning Body, Room leprosy, Bach Thuoc, Phuc Linh, Trans-frame, Ginseng, Cinnamon, Beanstalk, Burdock, Licorice 8 grams each , active toxicity 12 grams. Bring all colors to drink water.

Remedy 3: mistletoe mulberry 20 grams, customary passages, ghosts, oxen, goji berries, 12 grams each, red capital 16 grams for drinking water.

Mulberry leaves have the effect of treating kidney damage and knee pain

Tang parasitic 20 grams, oxen 16 grams, beans in the north, dong quai, birth earth 12 grams each, poison activity, frequency communication, cross-frame, room leprosy, 8 grams each, licorice, and sacrifice 4 each gram. Decorate with water and use daily.

Leaves Mulberry has the effect of treating gray hair and hair loss

If your hair is falling out a lot, use it Mulberry leaves cook with locust to wash hair.

If the hair is gray, use ripe black mulberry fruit mixed with a little ha thu o soaked in alcohol.

Benefits of leaves Mulberry treats burns

Choose fresh ripe berries, squeeze the juice, wash and apply to the burn daily. After a few days, the burn will completely heal and leave no scars.

Benefits of leaves Mulberry helps to nourish the kidney and yang

Ingredients: 150 grams of tangerine pepper, 100 grams of jelly, 100 grams of bean curd, 150 grams of three purple jackfruit. Soak everything with 2 liters of white wine. After 20 days can be used, only use 1 to 2 small cups per day.


Uses of mulberry leaves

What are the benefits of eating mulberry leaves?

According to Oriental medicine, the mulberry tree has a cold, slightly bitter taste, but when you eat it, you will feel the sweetness under the throat. Therefore, the remedies made from this leaf are not too difficult to use.

What diseases do mulberry leaves eat? It is not only delicious to drink, but also used to cook, stew and eat like other vegetables. This leaf is edible, often cooked with carp fish, drinking water and eating the whole thing has a very good effect on stabilizing blood pressure.

At the same time, when combined with other medicinal herbs such as: lotus leaf, passion fruit, pink silk seed, nemquat, draft resolution, … help sedation, cure insomnia, help sleep deeper.

Besides, the inner bark of mulberry root is also effective in lowering blood pressure. In addition, the high use of water of the mulberry stem also helps inhibit the bacteria that affect health.

Note when using mulberry leaves

Here are some things you need to keep in mind when using mulberry leaf remedies:

Pregnant or lactating women should not use these remedies. Children under 8 years old should not use these remedies. When using the above remedies, you should drink a lot of water. Do not abuse or Use more than the allowed dose. People with weakened bodies, coughs without phlegm or coughs due to cold are not hot, should not use the above remedies.

Where to buy mulberry leaves?

There are many natural herbal stores in Ho Chi Minh City, but to find a reputable and quality place like An Quoc Thai natural herbal shop, you can only count on your fingers.

Coming to An Quoc Thai, you will be consulted wholeheartedly on how to use medicinal plants, fast delivery on time, receive products of clear origin, right quality, peace of mind to improve health and treat diseases effectively.

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